DBMS opts and Data Mining

Automatic DBMS configuration tuning

Vector DBMS indexing and similarity search

Deep Learning for Time-Series Data

  • Jieun Lee (박사)
  • Huijun Jin (박사)
  • Sein Kwon (박사)
  • Minseok Kim (박사)
  • Dennis. H. Go (박사)



AI-based Drug Design

Protein-ligand binding affinity prediction

Protein pocket-based 3D molecular generation

Molecular property prediciton

Multi-objective optimization

  • Sangmin Seo (박사)
  • Seungyeon Choi (석사)
  • Hwanhee Kim (석사)
  • Sohee Hwang (박사)

Multi Modal Deep Learning

Medical Image Segmentation

Medical Image Translation / Synthesis

Medical Image Preprocessing with AI

Video Anomaly Detection

  • Hyojeong Lee (박사)
  • Youngwan Jo (박사)
  • ()
  • Sunghyun Ahn (석사)
  • Kijung Lee (석사)
  • Jeongeun Kim (석사)
  • Eunji Kim (석사)
  • Justin Hong (박사)



Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Reasoning and Explanation

Conversational Modeling and Embedding

Fake News Detection

Medical Domain Specified Language Model

  • Shengmin Piao (박사)
  • Dongryul Ko (박사)
  • Hansle Gwon (박사)
  • Junghwa Park (박사)
  • Imjin Ahn (박사)
  • Sangmin Park (박사)
  • Jiye Han (박사)
  • ()